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Jason Parker

It’s hard to imagine that the 2010 Winter Olympics ended MONTHS AGO already!  You might be wondering what’s been running through my mind…  Just over 4 short years ago, we (the Canadian Speed Skating Team) were in our final days of training, counting the days before we headed out to Torino, Italy!  The energy was like a POWER PLANT!  UNLIMITED!!!  True electricity in the air!!!  After a lifetime of training and 3 previously missed Olympics, MY DREAM WAS FINALLY COMING TRUE!!!  What an AMAZING experience!!!

And what really brings this to the forefront of my mind is something I experienced just recently…  I was at a gym and got talking to someone who was working out.  It came up that I was a speed skater and he asked for my last name.  Turned out he worked for the first company that ever helped me out financially (at the time I was living off of about $800 per month)!  Shortly thereafter, the company was bought out, their contact details changed and unfortunately we lost touch.  I was never able to let them know just how much their support changed my life and truly made my Olympic medal a possibility!  This really got me thinking…

Since I spend a lot of time in airports and hotels, I have plenty of opportunities to meet some really interesting and special people – including you!  And I’ve been thinking about something that I’m really embarrassed about…  Since winning an Olympic medal in 2006, I’ve met hundreds (probably thousands) of really great people – and that’s where it stopped.  I have completely dropped the ball on staying in touch.

That is something I truly want to change – thus – my new theme – staying in touch and building fantastic life-long relationships!!  Now many of you know that I focus a lot of my energies towards helping others – through health, and also by telling my story of NEVER GIVING UP!  That’s why I want to start sharing the principles I learned over the years that provided the opportunities for me to win my Olympic medal, to be healthier and to feel better than I did 15 years ago, and to help people create balance and success in their lives!  Yes!!

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All the best in happiness, health & wealth,

Jason Parker

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