There’s An Olympian Within All of Us!

Jason is on a mission to inspire by example! If a young child can fall 4 times in his first race and and keep getting up, then spend 20+ years training to win an Olympic medal fraught with obstacles, you can win too!

“I believe there’s an Olympic level of success within all of us!  I don’t just believe it…

I KNOW IT and I’ll even prove it to you!”

What’s your Olympic event? No matter what it is, Jason wants to be there to help you win!

If you know that you’d like to change your life, your business or your vitality – and have the desire for balance, excellence, and healthy living, then Jason’s your advocate and partner!

Put Jason on Your “Olympic Team” Today!

About Jason

Childhood Motivation

At age 3, Jason enrolled in his first skating class, and by age 6, he was playing in the youth hockey league. “It didn’t take long for everyone to notice – I was one of the fastest skaters on the team, and after seeing my sister come home with handful’s of shiny speed skating medals, I was inspired to try the sport myself.” Jason finished his first race in grand style; falling four times and finishing dead last – but that didn’t stop him – it FUELED his motivation and became an important life lesson (it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, but how many times you get back up)! Jason rapidly improved, and at age 12, he competed in his first Canadian Championships!

Training and Competition

20-plus years of training and commitment has rewarded Jason with hundreds of honors and successes. “I raced in 65 World Cups and 10 World Championships – over 130 international races overall.” (making Jason one of the most accomplished and experienced speed skaters in Canadian history).

“I was devastated – I missed 3 Olympic competitions because I couldn’t stay healthy both physically and mentally” (1994, 1998, and 2002). Jason persisted, overcame, and ultimately prevailed achieving his lifelong dream of winning an Olympic Silver Medal on February 15th, 2006 in Torino, Italy.

Jason’s Passion: Healthy Life for All

Throughout Jason’s skating career, his greatest struggles were his mindset and his health. “I missed competing in the Olympics because my mind kept taking me out and I kept getting sick” … After extensive research, Jason ultimately discovered the perfect nutritional program, and immediately, his health drastically improved – and Jason’s been HEALTHY ever since! “That’s when I discovered my true passion – helping people create the life they want today through my 5 Factors For Success!”


“I totally connected with Jason – he made me laugh, and challenged me to completely re-think my goals. After hearing his story – I know I can achieve my dreams!”
Will Ezell – BizVisioneers

Jason Parker on stage speaking

Jason Parker has inspired tens of thousands of adults and children around the world and challenged them to discover their own “Olympian Within”. He’s shared the stage with Robert Kiyosaki, Denis Waitley, Robert Allen, Les Brown and some of the most respected leaders and educators of our time. His clients have included Alberta Education, Bell Canada, Canadian Olympic Committee, Husky Energy, The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Integritas Group, Kin Canada, NGC Product Solutions, Rotary International, Saskatchewan Education, Sask Sport, Suncor, USANA Health Sciences, VANOC and many others.

Jason is a rare trainer capable of coupling his unique stories of heart ache and success with people’s every day lives so that they can take his principals of success and immediately apply them to their own circumstances upon completion of his presentation.

Jason’s passion, enthusiasm, down to earth attitude and vulnerability allow him to truly connect with his audience and help them to truly believe that they can achieve more out of life.

Jason’s signature topics and presentations include:

To see Jason ‘in action’ on stage, CLICK HERE for some video footage.

A few of Jason’s Clients include:


“Jason Parker is a world-class speaker, bringing out the Olympian within each of us. His story goes far beyond the arena inspiring us to go full circle when the odds stack up against us in turning tribulation into triumph in our professional and personal lives. It is an honor to share the platform with him.”
Dr. Denis Waitley – World Renowned Author, Speaker, Change Agent

“His presentations are empowering and inspirational. If you want your audience to hear a winner’s story, invite Jason Parker to your next meeting.”
Dave Wentz – CEO USANA Health Sciences

“I totally connected with Jason – he made me laugh, and challenged me to completely re-think my goals. After hearing his story – I know I can achieve my dreams!”
Will Ezell – BizVisioneers